Bonifacio (Corsica to Cagliari, South of Sardinia)

Day 1

We arrived in Bonifacio Corsica on June 18 late evening. The staff very kindly prepared some late snacks for us. The next day we decided to explore some beaches north of Bonifacio – Santa Giulia and suggested that we spend another night in Bonifacio before proceeding to Sardinia. Bonifacio was one of the most ‘authentic’ and interesting towns in this trip. The port area was full of nice bars and interesting stores. What I mean by ‘authentic’ is that it has developed and grown organically without being too planned.

Day 2

We left early in the morning and visited an island  near Bonifacio and still part of Corsica called Isola Lavessi. There were no houses on this island, just a lighthouse. There was a very nice area with clear water for swimming.

Day 3

From there we proceeded to a group of islands towards Sardinia called Isola Budelli. This was a beautiful group of islands with a shallow area in the middle that was extremely nice. The only problem was that there were some jellyfish. This was the only area where we encountered this problem.

Day 4

Later that afternoon we arrived in Porto Cervo which is the famous development of the Aga Khan. We decided to anchor outside the port as docking inside the port is an unnecessary high expense. The development is nice and definitely worth seeing but is quite ‘high end’ and less rustic and authentic. We went to an excellent restaurant called ‘Il Pescatori’ which had been highly recommended. We had a fabulous dinner but it was also extremely expensive. Inside the development there were some interesting stores but all ‘high end’.

Day 5

We went to a very nice beach nearby called Pevero beach. This was a beautiful area for swimming. We spent most of the day there and returned for another night at Porto Cervo. At the end of dinner it was becoming quite windy outside the port so we decided to proceed south to Aranci which was close to Olbia, the airport where one of my brothers daughters would be landing. We never had a chance to see Olbia as it is a large city and Avanci was a disappointment. There was no real attraction there but it’s a good place to buy supplies.

Day 6

We decided to leave Avanci quite early and proceed north again. We wanted to go to Cala di Volpi as we had heard so much about this development. Along the way we saw boats in an area called Isola Mortoria. This was about 30/40 mins away from Cala di Volpi. Beautiful water and a nice small beach. There were several speed boats there. This was a very nice area for swimming.

Early afternoon we proceeded to Cala di Volpi for lunch. We called in advance to reserve and we negotiated a special package for our large group so the costs would be more reasonable. We had an excellent lunch and enjoyed seeing this very unique resort. We stayed until late afternoon and in the evening as the individuals managing the bay were being very unreasonable regarding the costs of anchoring there for the night we decided to proceed south.

We proceeded to go south for about 2/2.5 hrs to Isla Tavolara which was one of the highlights of our trip. This is a beautiful, quaint and secluded island with a large mountain very nice beaches and clear water. We spent the day there, went hiking and had a very nice lunch in a local restaurant there.

Day 7

We decided to make a fairly long trip of about 4 hrs to Cala Gonone. Cala Gonone and Bonifacio were the two most interesting and ‘authentic’ towns that we visited. Although we did not have the chance to do this, I feel that Cala Gonone needs two or three nights as there are many things to explore there. Aside from a very nice port there are numerous places to visit and swim in along the coast and from all the information that we gathered many areas to go tracking and driving to inland.  

Day 8

We spent most of the day visiting many of the ‘Calas’ near Gonone. This is a really beautiful area with caves and many places with clear water and beaches. This was one of the highlights of our trip.

Late that afternoon we needed to make progress getting south. We knew that we still needed 10 hrs to get to our end destination – Cagliari – so we wanted to split the trip into two – about five hours each. We travelled in the late afternoon and arrived in the evening at a small port called Coralo. Quiet area and a small port but not very special or memorable.

Day 9

We left very early in the morning (about 5.30 am) for a four hour ride to an area called Villasimus which was just 2 hrs from Cagliari. Very nice beaches and clear water but the town was not too interesting. We then proceeded mid afternoon to the city of Cagliari so that we could spend the last night there.

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